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Japan-America Society of Hawaii
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Educational Programs

JASH provides Educational Programs which comprise our "Continuum of Schools" program to students in grades K- 12. Each of these programs help to teach our very young children the concept of different perspectives. Japan In A SuitcaseI, II and III for kindergarten through grade 5 teaches young students how to seek alternative viewpoints through easy to comprehend examples. The Japan in a Suitcase programs give students in Hawaii's Elementary Schools a chance to understand the concept of Different Perspectives; learn how to ask questions; and how to look at challenges and new ideas from a different point of view. By doing this, it is hoped that the children will learn how to view objects and issues from different viewpoints and develop their skill of inquiry to become better thinkers.

The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention program as well as winning the Japan Wizards Competition provide the actual experience to travel to Japan and reinforce the concept of Different Perspectives introduced and taught in the Japan-in-a-Suitcase programs. JASH sends six 11-year old Junior Ambassadors to Fukuoka, Japan each summer to interact with 225 other 11-year old peers from over 40 countries in the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention. They also participate in a home-stay where they experience living with a Japanese family in Fukuoka for ten days.

At the high school level, Japan Day, held twice a year, has given public and private high school students an opportunity to gain hands-on experiences with various Japanese cultural activities, such as flower arranging, calligraphy, abacus, bonsai, paper crafts, bon dance, tea ceremony and kimono wearing. This program reinforces teachers' classroom lessons. The Japan Wizards Competition is a statewide academic team competition that tests high school students on different aspects of Japan, such as geography, transportation, economy, food, education, sports, popular culture, history, religion, culture and language. The students who participate in this competition develop learning skills in research, personal responsibility, teamwork and operating under pressure. They also gain an understanding of the concept of Different Perspectives by studying and preparing for the competition. A total of four winning teams are awarded a one-week trip to Japan to experience in real life what they studied in preparation for the competition and what they learned in the classroom.


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