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Japan Earthquake Relief - March 2011
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Japan Earthquake Relief


  • Seventh Rainbow for Japan Kids visits Hawaii
  • JASH ends formal role in Rainbow for Japan Kids
  • JASH sends Hawaii Kids to Tohoku to reconnect with RFJK
  • JASH video including RFJK and Hawaii Kids Tohoku Visit here
  • Japanese Red Cross Society releases its latest 12-month and past 24-month reports


$4,474,241(total of Aloha for Japan and other donations)

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Click to see Rainbow for Japan Kids Donor List.
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Watch JRCS Videos on Initial Ishinomaki JRCS Hospital Response to Tsunami and JRCS One Year Later:


Seventh Rainbow for Japan Kids visits Hawaii:

Fifteen junior high students from Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima visited Hawaii in late July 2013 as the seventh group of Rainbow for Japan Kids. As previous visits, the students stayed at YMCA Camp Erdman on Oahu's North Shore engaging in outdoor activities with local children. The visitors then traveled to the Big Island to snorkel at Kahaluu Bay and stayed at Kilauea Military Camp in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where they hiked nature trails, learned about the Polynesian discovery of the Islands, and stargazed at night. This time, several Bridge Club Hawaii members joined the Japanese kids on the Big Island. Back on Oahu, the students were treated to water activities at Hilton's Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon courtesy of Hilton Grand Vacations/Waikiki Beach Activities and made their own ukuleles at KoAloha Ukulele to take back to Japan courtesy of the KoAloha staff. Read more here.

JASH ends Formal Role in Rainbow for Japan Kids:

Two and a half years after the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear triple disaster, the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) ended its formal participation in the Rainbow for Japan Kids project that brought children from disaster-affected regions of Japan to Hawaii for rest, recuperation, and physical/psychological relief. Over this period, over 150 Japanese children experienced the healing properties of Hawaii's natural beauty and aloha spirit, and built bonds of friendship with Hawaii's children through camp stays and other outdoor activities.

The Rainbow for Japan Kids (RFJK) Committee of which JASH was a major participant will continue to conduct this program. The Committee includes representatives from First Hawaiian Bank, Japan Airlines Hawaii Office, Studio Rim Hawaii, Lighthouse Hawaii, and other supporters. The Committee met to discuss the future of the RFJK program and decided to continue this program indefinitely once a year. Financial management will transition to Hawaii Senior Life Enrichment Association and its Nadeshiko Club, and it will handle all future donations to the program. JASH will continue to assist the Committee by promoting joint activities of visiting Japanese children with local children through its association with Bridge Club Hawaii and other youth groups. JASH will now focus on sending Hawaii's children to the disaster region of Japan with support of the TOMODACHI Initiative. Read more here.

JASH sends Hawaii's Kids to Tohoku:

JASH began a program in the summer of 2013 to send Hawaii's kids who participated in local activities with Japanese children to the disaster region of Japan with support of the TOMODACHI Initiative. In July 2014, JASH sent 10 of Hawaii's youth to the Tohoku region for the second year of this program, sponsored by the TOMODACHI Initiative. TOMODACHI is a private-public partnership led by the U.S. Embassy and the U.S.-Japan Council that aims to invest in the next generation of Japanese and Americans in ways that strengthen cultural and economic ties and deepen the friendship between U.S. and Japan over the long term.JASH is proud to be a partner with TOMODACHI.

Japanese Red Cross Society releases its latest 12-month and past 24-month reports:

JRCS recently released its latest12-month and the past 24-month Operational and Financial reports that are available at this link. In the financial report, donations from the people of Hawaii are identified as "Japan-America Society of Hawaii" under a special agreement with JRCS. Thanks to all who donated to the recovery of Japan through JASH.

Its Audit Report of Fiscal Year 2012 is available at this link.

Thoughts on Donations from JASH President:

"I want to insure all my donations go directly to the people in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami." I hear this comment from many people who make donations to JASH. Perhaps these comments have been influenced by reporting in the media or hearsay regarding how donated funds may not all be getting to the disaster victims. It's generally the case that portions of donations to non-profit organizations, to include the Japan Red Cross Society, are used to support their own operations. For the JRCS that operates hospitals throughout Japan to include the disaster area (see the video on Ishinomaki JRCS Hospital's initial response to the earthquake and tsunami), that means maintaining doctors, nurses, counselors and other staff as well as power and maintenance costs for their facilities. In short, no organization would be able to deliver its lifesaving care and assistance without using some of the donations for operational and administrative costs. But the focus of all their work and effort is to help victims, as the videos show. Your donations are being used, as stated by the JRCS, to provide assistance to the victims. This well-formed, well-staffed, and well-trained cadre of workers and volunteers are doing this each day. Your donations to JASH that are provided to the JRCS help victims directly, nothing else. All donations to the Rainbow for Japan Kids program are used for that program only.


Report of Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) Activities

JRCS Operations Update and Financial Report:

Click on the link for the latest JRCS activities and expenditures reports. Through a special agreement with JASH, the JRCS has specifically identified donations originating from the people of Hawaii as "Japan-America Society of Hawaii." Read the Financial Report (as of March 31) here. and JRCS Activities Update (as of March 31) to see how the funds have been used here.

Japanese Red Cross Society's 12 Month Report:

The JRCS has provided a one-year anniversary narrative report of its activities which is available at its website.

The financial report is also available. Ms. Naoko Tochibayashi, Program Officer for its International Relief Division conveys: "I hope that the information in the report will help you better understand the activities of the JRCS, without your support, none of which would have been possible. We are grateful for your warm support for the people of Japan and sincerely appreciate your continuous support."

The contribution from the people of Hawaii is listed as "Hawaii Japan U.S. Friendship Association." The total does not include the initial $1,000,000 donation that went to a cash fund to pay out directly to victims of the tragedy. The total distribution to the JRCS so far equals $3,800,000.



Over one year following the tragic March 11 triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident surrounding the Great East Japan Earthquake, the people of northeastern Japan continue to heroically and determinedly recover from this tragedy. Through local and government efforts and infusion of international assistance, the region is on its way to recovery. However, the need is still great. Initial rescue and relief operations have turned to resettlement and long term recovery projects. The Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS), the recipient for the statewide Aloha for Japan campaign, remains active collecting donations and providing recovery support to the people of Tohoku. Aloha for Japan campaign closed its formal fundraising last October. Since then, JASH has continued to take donations for Japan Disaster Relief, sending specified funds to the JRCS. JASH will continue to collect donations for Japan Disaster Relief as long as the JRCS continues to accept donations. Donations should be made to JASH, not Aloha for Japan as that campaign has ended. We will continue to insure 100% of your donations go to the people of Japan. The program started soon after the disaster to assist children directly affected by the tragedy by bringing them to Hawaii for rest, recuperation, and physical psychological relief called "Rainbow for Japan Kids" is still ongoing. So far over 100 Japanese children have been brought to Hawaii, and we intend to continue with this program for another year. Those who would like to support this project can donate to Rainbow for Japan Kids at


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