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Japan-America Society of Hawaii
1600 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 204
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Phone (808) 524-4450
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Office hours:
M-F, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship

Ehime Maru Memorial Association

The National Association of Japan-America Societies

JASH Programs

The society conducts programs each year to help members and the community to better understand the issues impacting the United States-Japan relationship. The Society's educational programs are presented in several forums. The Corporate Breakfast Forums are for corporate representatives and Lifetime Members focusing primarily on business, political and security issues. Luncheon programs and Afternoon Roundtable sessions are open to all members and address a variety of topics that impact the United States-Japan relationship. Tomodachi programs help newcomers acclimate to Hawaii's culture and society, furthering the Society's mission of promoting friendships and understanding. The Hawaii 5:01 Program is sponsored by a corporate member to facilitate networking and discussions among business associates in an informal setting.


. : Special Programs

Special programs include the highly successful International Symposium of Japan-America Societies, which brought together for the first time, societies in Japan and in the United States. Other special programs include the 40th Anniversary of the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship, which was graced with the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Sayako, Ambassador Yoshio Okawara and Ambassador Thomas Foley; Hawaii Salutes Our Sumo Champions, a tribute to Hawaii's four sumo champions-Azumazeki Oyakata (Takamiyama), Akebono, Mushashimaru and Konishiki; a visit to Japan's Subaru Telescope atop Mauna Kea; and visits from our sister-society in Hiroshima. Annual events include the Society's New Year's Party, Annual General Membership Dinner, Annual Friendship Golf Classic and Christmas 5:01. These events provide a social setting to create new contacts and friendships.


. : Community Outreach Programs

The Society is developing a continuum of programs to encourage Hawaii's youth to learn the concept of different perspectives while learning about Japanese students and culture. The Society's Japan in a Suitcase programs focuses on teaching this concept of different perspectives from kindergarten to grade five. From grade six to twelve, the programs provide opportunities to Hawaii's students to experience or reinforce the concept of different perspectives. In grade six, the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention provides 11-year old students to interact with peers from 40 other countries in Fukuoka, Japan. In grades seven and eight, the Society is working on a sister society relationship project to facilitate exchanges between schools in Japan and Hawaii. At the high school level, the Society's Japan Day program gives students a hands-on experience with various Japanese cultural activities, such as ikebana, soroban, bonsai, bon dance, calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc. Japan Day complements the teachers' efforts in the classroom. February 21, 2015 will mark the 12th year of the Japan Wizards Competition. Two public and two private schools will win a trip to Japan. Other community outreach programs include cleaning of Waikiki Beach with the Japan-America Societies of Miyakonojo and Fukuoka, in cooperation with the Waikiki Ohana Workforce and the Waikiki Improvement Association. The Society has also supported the Hawaii Hotels Association Annual Charity Walk.


. : Creating International Ties

The 1995 International Symposium of Japan-America Societies resulted in closer cooperation between societies across the Pacific. The Japan-America Societies of Hiroshima and Hawaii entered into a sister society relationship on May 27, 1997. The Society has also agreed to become the Hawaii Coordinator for the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka, Japan. Each year the APCC brings together over 340 11-year old students from 40 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region for home stays, global camp and provides an environment that enhances international understanding. The Society selects and works with the Hawaii Junior Ambassadors prior to the convention. But perhaps the most difficult challenge was to help sustain and then promote the United States-Japan relationship following the tragic accidental sinking of the Ehime Maru. The Society led the community effort to support the families and students of the Uwajima Fisheries High School. Efforts to forge ties between Ehime Prefecture and Hawaii have resulted in exchanges of junior baseball players and are leading to a sister state/prefecture agreement. The Society has also supported the Unabarakai, a society of WWII Japanese veterans and the recently disbanded Zero Fighter Pilots Association and organized a reconciliation ceremony in December 2001 between Japanese and American WWII veterans.


. : Consulate General Of Japan At Honolulu

The Society is fortunate to have a very close relationship with the Consul General of Japan and his staff. The cooperative effort has helped to promote the mission of the Society over the years. These efforts have helped Society members experience Japanese culture through programs or through resources made available by the Japanese Consulate. Some examples include the Society's New Year's Reception and the Tomodachi Committee's Hinamatsuri Program held at the Consulate. Other cooperative efforts include the Ehime Maru, Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship Foundation Awards Ceremony, and assistance with the Hawaii Regional Botball Robotics Competition.

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