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MAHALO - ARIGATŌ - THANK YOU for the fantastic turnout for our 45th Anniversary Photo Contest!
CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!

On September 28, 2021, JASH celebrated our 45th anniversary!

As part of our anniversary, we hosted a PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST for our members!

Although we are not able to celebrate this milestone with all of you, we opened this contest so you can share your best memories of Hawaii and Japan with all of us.



1st Place - Maile Hirota

2nd Place - Ray Tabata


1st Place - Curt Hasegawa

2nd Place - Ray Tabata


1st Place - Matthew Kellar

2nd Place - Atsushi Takebayashi


First-place winners per category will receive a $100 Visa or Mastercard Cash Card

Second-place winners per category will receive a $50 Visa or Mastercard Cash Card

Cream Puff - Maile Hirota.jpg

1st Place - Maile Hirota

Cream Puff; Tolo Coffee & Bakery; Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan

Oishii Tabemono

Miss Japan? Yeah, we do too.

Photos in this category featured a Japanese food item or Japanese food dish taken either in Japan or Hawaii.

The gallery is now closed.

Sashimi Special - Ray Tabata.jpeg

2nd Place - Ray Tabata

Sashimi Special; Boruberia Daguri; Shibushi, Kagoshima, Japan

Ahi Salad - Curt Hasegawa.jpg

1st Place - Curt Hasegawa

Ahi Salad; Ruscello— Nordstrom Ala Moana Center; Honolulu, Hawaii

Ono Kine Grindz

Enjoy your local favorites!

Photos in this category featured a Hawaiian or Hawaii-related food item or food dish taken in Hawaii.

The gallery is now closed.

Pupu Platter - Ray Tabata.jpeg

2nd Place - Ray Tabata

Pupu Platter; KCC Concept Kitchen—Waikiki; Honolulu, Hawaii

Mt Fuji - Matt Kellar.jpg

1st Place - Matthew Kellar

Mt. Fuji; Fujiyoshida; Japan

Japan Explorations

Talk about wanderlust!

Photos in this category featured a tourist attraction, landscape, or scene taken in Japan.

The gallery is now closed.

Osaka Castle - Atsushi Takebayashi.jpg

2nd Place - Atsushi Takebayashi

Osaka Castle; Osaka, Japan



Submissions CLOSED Sept. 22

General voting CLOSED September 24 - October 7

Final Voting  CLOSED October 8 - October 17

Winners contacted via email on October 19


  • All voting will be done via the WooBox online platform. 

  • Voting is OPEN TO EVERYONE! Contestants should encourage their friends and family to vote for their entries during the General Voting and Final Voting Periods. You do not need to be a JASH member to vote; you only need a valid email address!

  •  Voters will be allowed to vote for their favorite photos for each contest. The daily limit will be one vote per email address per photo during the General Voting and Final Voting Periods.

  • For the Final Voting period, the most that you can vote for is for one photo once per day.


  • This contest is open to current JASH members only (click here to join or renew)

  • Photos must be original works taken by the contestant.

  • Photos and captions should not include any information or subject matter that may identify the photographer.

  • Human subjects should not appear in your photos unless they are unidentifiable (e.g. the crowd at the Shibuya Scramble).

  • Contestants may submit a max. of six (6) photos per category.

  • A single photo cannot be entered into multiple categories.

  • Photo submission and voting will be done through the WooBox online platform.

  • All photos will be manually approved by JASH Staff upon submission.

The above is a condensed version of our photo contest rules.

CLICK HERE to read our full contest rules.

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