Asian-Pacific Children's Convention
sponsored in part by the Japan-America Society of Hawaii


JASH is proud to be the Hawaii-region Liaison Office for the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention (APCC), an annual global leadership program held in Fukuoka, Japan for over 200 students from over 40 regions throughout Asia and the Pacific. JASH has been the coordinating office for the APCC since 2003.


Typically held in mid-July, JASH sends up to six 10 or 11-year-old Junior Ambassadors (JAs) to Fukuoka, Japan to interact with over 200 other student peers from over 40 countries and regions at the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention. They also participate in a home-stay where they experience living with a Japanese family in Fukuoka. Our delegation is accompanied by an adult chaperone, who has also passed a selective screening and interview process.

To prepare for the program, our JAs and chaperone learn about Japan and the Pacific through a series of mandatory weekend workshops. These workshops prepare our delegation for their international journey, helping them build the skills they'll need to represent our islands as Hawaii's Junior Ambassadors.

The APCC program provides the actual experience for students to travel to Japan and reinforce the concept of Different Perspectives introduced and taught in our Japan-in-a-Suitcase programs. The life skills learned through this program---including cross-cultural understanding, multilingual communication, leadership, and teamwork---foster our Junior Ambassadors as the next generation of Nichibei Leaders.

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About the APCC

From the APCC Website: The APCC was founded by the Fukuoka Junior Chamber and was part of the 1989 Asian-Pacific Exposition, an event to celebrate Fukuoka City’s 100th anniversary. By holding the APCC, we hope to foster “Global Citizens” who are able to think of the world beyond national boundaries and desire world “Peace and Co-existence.” Through the APCC, children who will shape the world in the 21st century gather together in Fukuoka and gain mutual understanding of different cultures and traditions through home stay and cultural exchange.


About the 2022 Program

"Let's Make Friends Around the World"

The 2022 program will be a hybrid program: The first component is our bi-monthly in-person JASH Workshops, where students will explore Japanese and Hawaiian culture, teamwork and communication development, and global citizenship beginning in April; the second component is the virtual APCC global exchanges in July and August. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the APCC has decided to hold this year's global exchange virtually via Zoom. Although the delegations will not be able to meet in-person this year, this program continues to offer an invaluable opportunity to build bridges between the U.S., Japan, and dozens of regions throughout the Pacific. Despite the shift to virtual, 2022 Junior Ambassadors will also be eligible to travel to Fukuoka in the future as Peace Ambassadors in the years this opportunity is made available by the APCC.

During the virtual APCC exchanges, over 100 children from over 30 different Asian-Pacific countries and regions will collaborate on various projects and activities over three Zoom meetings from late July through August 2022. The vision of the APCC is to generate appreciation for the cultures of other nations and regions with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and friendship, to nurture international awareness in young people, and finally to realize world peace and co-existence through these activities. The virtual global exchanges offer an invaluable opportunity to build bridges between the U.S., Japan, and dozens of regions throughout Asia and the Pacific. Through participation in this program, 2022 JAs may also be eligible to travel to Fukuoka in the future as Peace Ambassadors when this opportunity is again made available by the APCC.  

To best support the APCC's mission, JASH has reimagined our local preparatory workshops with new and exciting activities such as: local field trips for hands-on experiences with Japanese culture; leadership development and team-building activities; and a three-day, two-night trip to the ‘Akahiao Nature Institute ( in Kona on Hawaii Island to learn about our place in the Pacific and our role as global citizens. Through our hybrid program, our 2020 and 2021 JAs expanded their horizons in spite of the pandemic, learning about regions and cultures in Asia and the Pacific they previously knew nothing about. They researched what life was like in small fishing villages and large cities, and unraveled common cultural themes and core values that weave us all together. During their time at the ‘Akahiao Nature Institute, JAs escaped into nature to connect with the ‘āina, with each other, and importantly, gained insight into their own values, skills, and goals as individuals.

The JASH APCC curriculum equips JAs with invaluable life skills, including cross-cultural understanding, multilingual communication, leadership, and teamwork, fostering our JAs as the next generation of Nichibei (Japan-America) Leaders.

Mahalo to all who applied!
Our application period is now CLOSED.

Program Application Details at a Glance

Our application period is NOW CLOSED. Mahalo to everyone who applied!

JASH will select 4 students (2 girls, 2 boys) born between August 1, 2010 and July 31, 2011 to serve as our 2022 Junior Ambassadors.


Due to the volume of applications received, finalists selected to proceed to the interview stage will be notified via email by Thursday, March 31; Interviews will be held via Zoom on Saturday, April 9. 


About the 'Akahiao Nature Institute

JASH first partnered with the team at the 'Akahiao Nature Institute (ANI), a non-profit learning center in Kona on Hawaii Island for our 2021 APCC Program. Although our 2021 delegation was unable to travel to Japan, we were fortunate to be able to send them for an overnight camp on environmental sustainability at ANI's Hue Hue Ranch. There, our JAs connected with our local 'āina, honed their kilo observation skills, and let their imaginations run freely in a weekend of self-discovery.


To learn more about ANI and their programs, watch this video from our 2021 trip created by volunteer chaperone Yuuki Inagawa.

For even more, check out the recordings from our joint talk-story programs on our JASH YouTube (Nature that Connects Us; Nature that Nurtures Us).


Messages from APCC Alumni

"JASH positively impacted fundamental years of my life. Being a JA at the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention opened my eyes to global cultures and traditions. Thanks to JASH, I continually say yes to exploring the new and unfamiliar, and I have created lasting bonds with friends from around the world. Mahalo, JASH!"

- Kristen Izuo (2010 JA, 2019 PA)

"In 2011, I was overjoyed when JASH selected me, eleven years old at the time, to represent Hawaii and share my culture with kids from all over the world. In my short time in Japan, I learned about creating and maintaining global connections... Because of JASH and BCH, my dream has been to connect with and impact people from all over the world through my language and communication skills. I am thoroughly excited to continue growing as a global citizen through the special Peace Ambassador program to further international communication and understanding between different cultural groups."

- Betsy Wo (2011 JA, 2022 PA)



Bridge Club Hawaii

Bridge Club Hawaii (BCH) is an APCC alumni organization run by former Junior Ambassadors. This is a great way to keep in touch with our local Hawaii APCC network through their various social and community service events. BCH also assists JASH in preparing our new delegations for their trip abroad.


Former JAs who are active members of BCH are also eligible to return to Fukuoka as Peace Ambassadors (PAs) to continue their growth as global citizens in years the PA program is made available by the APCC.

To learn more about BCH, visit their Facebook Page.

Questions? Interested in joining our APCC Listserv?

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