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Taste of JASH: Ko Hana Distillers

Friday, November 5, 2021

3:30 AM


4:30 AM


Zoom Pau Hana


Farm-to-Bottle Kо̄ Hana Hawaiian Agricole Rum is handcrafted from heirloom Hawaiian sugarcane⁠ (kо̄) brought to the islands by the early Polynesian voyagers. Their popular tasting tours are offered daily in both English and Japanese. Click here to learn more about Kо̄ Hana Distillers on their website.

In this ToJ pau hana moderated by JASH NexGen Delle Tanioka, attendees will experience a virtual walkthrough tour of Kо̄ Hana's distillery in Kunia. LIVE from the distillery, General Manager Kyle Reutner and Brand Manager & Mixologist Teves Freitas will teach you how to taste spirits like a pro, featuring their KEA White Hawaiian Agricole Rum. Complete with time to talk-story, you won't want to miss this virtual pau hana.

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