SUMMER OF 2015 INTERN REFLECTIONS - Mari Erdman, Landon Sur, Naomi Natori

First, I would like to thank all the JASH (Japan-America Society of Hawaii) staff members for welcoming me with open arms. On the first day I started my internship with JASH, I felt right at home with everyone’s kind words and warm smiles. I really appreciated all the help and leadership everyone brought to the table at JASH; they really work as one team which inspired me to also take part in their projects. Being an outsider and having the advantage of taking a step-back and seeing JASH thrive as a unit, really allowed me to value the vigorous and passionate effort they put into creating and organizing events for our local community. Although I was only able to attend one event during my in


I had the wonderful opportunity to be an intern at JASH for two months this summer. Although my internship was short, I was able to learn a lot about JASH’s history, event planning, and what it takes to run a non-profit organization. I was also able to see how JASH continues to play a leading role in maintaining a strong relationship between Hawaii and Japan. During my internship, I shadowed JASH’s Program Coordinator and worked on some of the projects she was in charge of. My first project was to assist her in building the new JASH website by uploading articles written about past events. I also began the process of scanning JASH’s photographs, starting from the year 1990. Both of these proj

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The Japan-America Society of Hawaii was founded in 1976 to promote understanding and friendship between the people of Japan and the United States through the special and unique perspective of Hawaii.


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