Parking Information

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The Pan Am building will be undergoing a transition to new parking equipment.

Please note the following updates that are planned to go into effect April 15, 2019:

  • The new equipment will record your license plate on entry and pair your information with the parking ticket you receive at the dispenser

pof station.PNG
parking ticket sample.PNG
  • Pay-on-foot station is located on the 2nd floor outside of the elevator landing, which will accept cash, credit card and validations

​Pay On Foot Station

  1. Insert parking ticket into the automatic payment station, amount owed will display

  2. After payment by cash/credit card, or inserting with a validation sticker, ticket will be dispensed and receipt will be printed

  3. Proceed to your vehicle and then to the exit after visiting the pay on foot station

  • Verifier at the exit of the garage will accept credit card, validations & paid parking tickets (THIS MACHINE WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH)

  • On exiting your license plate should be scanned and matched with your ticket to check for payment, the gate should rise to allow exit

    • Your parking ticket serves as a backup if the scan fails to pair your license plate and parking ticket​

  • The visitor rate will be adjusted to $3.00 per 30 minutes for any time not covered by validation

  • The grace period from entrance to exit will remain at 10 minutes