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I had the wonderful opportunity to be an intern at JASH for two months this summer. Although my internship was short, I was able to learn a lot about JASH’s history, event planning, and what it takes to run a non-profit organization. I was also able to see how JASH continues to play a leading role in maintaining a strong relationship between Hawaii and Japan.

During my internship, I shadowed JASH’s Program Coordinator and worked on some of the projects she was in charge of. My first project was to assist her in building the new JASH website by uploading articles written about past events. I also began the process of scanning JASH’s photographs, starting from the year 1990. Both of these projects allowed me to peek into the past to learn about the organization’s history and how it came to be involved in the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention, Crown-Prince Akihito Scholarship, and the Ehime Maru Memorial Association. I was also involved in sending out invitations for the upcoming Annual Dinner as well as planning for this year’s Holiday Gala. Working on these events gave me an appreciation for the hard work that goes into event planning.

I would like to thank JASH’s staff for graciously giving me this opportunity to learn from them. I was fortunate to have been mentored by a dedicated group of people and I thank them for their patience and support. Thank you to the board of directors, the staff members, and everyone who continues to support JASH in its efforts to promote U.S. – Japan relations.


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