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Tomodachi - Let's Talk Story Luncheon with Mrs. Misako Ito

On Tuesday, August 28, 2018, the Tomodachi Committee of the Japan-America Society of Hawaii held its annual “Let’s Talk Story” Luncheon with a special guest speaker, Mrs. Misako Ito at the Willows. Mrs. Ito, wife of Consul General Koichi Ito of the Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu, shared her fascinating cross-cultural experiences and captivating stories during the time she lived in Guangzhou and Beijing. She lived in China for five years while her husband, Consul General Koichi Ito was stationed there.

One of her most memorable experiences in Guangzhou was hiring a Japanese chef at the Consulate in Guangzhou for the first time, which happened to take place around the same time anti-Japanese demonstrations were held with the escalation of the islands dispute between China and Japan. Through her experience living in China and outside of Japan she learned to be more neutral and to build deeper relationships with people from different backgrounds without bias. When asked about her impression of Hawaii, she expressed gratitude to communities throughout Hawaii for preserving traditional Japanese customs and values. Following the talk, JASH members and guests were able to catch up with each other and to make new friends over a delicious buffet lunch at The Willows.

JASH would like to express a big mahalo to Mrs. Misako Ito for sharing her inspiring stories with our guests. Special thanks also go to volunteer photographer Ray Tabata.

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