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Bonenkai 2018

Bōnenkai (忘年会, literally "forget the year gathering")

On Wednesday, December 5th, JASH along with the generous sponsorship by American Electric hosted Bonenkai 2018 at Odori-ko Restaurant.

JASH was honored to have Consul General and Mrs. Ito attend and spend time chatting with the group of almost 60 JASH members and friends.

Guests enjoyed wafu steak, chicken karaage, sushi, fish tempura and more while they renewed or formed new friendships! This was a new event for JASH in addition to the over 30 programs in 2018.

Lucky Door Prize Winners!!

Matthew Rose—Sanikleen Corp.

Shizue Goldblatt—Sachi Hawaii

Kazuko Love—JASH Director

Jamie Lee—JCCH

David Kaneko—Hawaiian Electric

Jean McIntosh

MAHALO to those who attended!

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