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TASTE OF JASH presents Fukuoka

Tonkotsu Ramen, Mentaiko Omuretsu and Gyoza were some of the dishes served at the third Taste of JASH featuring Fukuoka cuisine at Minori Craft Japanese Tavern on May 21, 2019. NEXT STOP….. Ehime at ZIGU Restaurant in Waikiki—August 6th! SAVE THE DATE and stay tuned for more details.

The evening began with a friendly game of Jan Ken Po Acchi Muite Hoi led by John Rankin, JASH NexGen Advisory Committee Member. The NexGen Advisory Committee consists of 13 professionals who meet monthly to discuss, plan and implement programs and events for JASH. Guests met old friends and made new ones.

(L-R) Steve Sombrero, JASH Chairman, Daniel Dinell, JASH Board Director, Keiko Mori, Sumiko Allegar, Lynette Dinell and Hisako Sato MacQueen

(L-R) UJSH President, Faye Shigemura, Steve Sombrero, Consul Rumi Ariyoshi, Ryozo Ariyoshi, Governor George Ariyoshi, Mrs. Jean Ariyoshi and Karen Knudsen JASH Board Director (back facing)

(L-R) Alissa Carson, Jonathan Murai, Izumi Kinney and Nathaniel Kinney

(L-R) Joy Kimura, Brad Dang, Jason Yamashiro, Cathy Mizumoto, Matt Minaai, and Katie Mettler

Jan Ken Po winner Ryan Tanaka and runner up Delle Tanioka

(L-R)Travis Kikuchi, George Takase, Tyler Tokioka, Reyna Kaneko, Michelle Hirose, John Rankin and Lila Frisbie

Thank you to our partners!

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