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2019 Charity Walk

2019 APCC delegation before the Charity Walk

On May 18, the JASH Junior Ambassadors (JAs) and their families participated in the 2019 Visitor Industry Charity Walk. The team began their walk at Magic Island and ventured into Waikiki and back for a total of 5.2 miles. The calm walk through Waikiki provided the JAs and parents the opportunity to build upon their friendships and to grow closer as a group before their trip to Japan in the summer. Along the way, the JAs stopped by a number of checkpoints where they were given various snacks and gifts from the charity walk sponsors. Eager to finish, the 2019 APCC delegation set a new JASH record for the fastest charity walk time of all the former delegations at 2 hours and 47 minutes. Despite the long walk, the JAs had energy to spare and spent time after the walk practicing their Aloha Performance for their trip to Japan. The Visitor Industry Charity Walk raises money for various charities on the island of O’ahu and the money that the Junior Ambassadors raised will help fund future APCC programs.

Junior Ambassadors after their Aloha Performance practice at Magic Island

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