Zen and Leadership at Daihonzan Chozen-ji

On Sunday, June 9, 2019 , Sayama Daian, Abbot of Daihonzan Chozen-ji/International Zen Dojo and volunteers Michael Kangen and Cristina Moon led the group on a half day immersion in Zen and the art of leadership. Chozen-ji is the only Daihonzan, or central temple, outside of Japan and was established in 1972. People from all over the world come to Chozen-ji to learn how to transcend their limitations through rigorous Zen training. During our half day training the group had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of meditation; optimal mechanics of the body such as breath, posture and concentration and four principles of Zen leadership. A delicious, healthy lunch was also served.

At Chozen-ji, students are pushed to refine their breath, posture and awareness in every activity. The various practices, especially zazen (meditation), grow this state of concentration and relaxation