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JASH 5:01 - “POST GANNENMONO...What’s Next?”

JASH hosted a 5:01 Pau Hana event at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort on Wednesday, July 31, 2019. Eight Japanese organizations convened and had an open discussion on the viability of Japanese community organizations and succession planning. MAHALO to the following organizations who participated: Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA), Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce (HJCC), Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce (HJJCC), Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH), Japan Exchange Teaching Program Alumni Association (JETAA), Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai`i (JCCH), United Japanese Society of Hawaii (UJSH) and the U.S.-Japan Council (USJC). The panel discussion was followed by a cocktail networking session.

(L-R) Panelist Mr. Jacce Mikulanec, JCCH; Mr. Kristian Lipumano, JETAA; Ms. Reyna Kaneko, JASH; Ms. Wendy Abe, USJC; Ms. Barbara Tanabe, Moderator; Mr. Jon Tsukamoto, HJCC; Ms. Kristine Wada, HJJCC; Ms. Faye Shigemura, UJSH; Ms. Courtney Takara, HUOA

Ms. Barbara Tanabe, JASH Board Director and Moderator for the panel discussion, meets with the panelists before the discussion.

(L-R) Mr. Steve Sombrero, JASH Chairman of the Board, gives opening remarks and Ms. Barbara Tanabe explains how the panel discussion will flow.

Ms. Reyna Kaneko shares JASH’s Mission and describes some of JASH’s Programs with the audience. Pictured (L-R): Mr. Steve Sombrero, Ms. Kristine Wada, Ms. Barbara Tanabe, Mr. Kristian Lipumano, Mr Jacce Mikulanec, Ms. Reyna Kaneko, Ms. Courtney Takara, Ms. Wendy Abe, Ms. Faye Shigemura, Mr. Norman Nakasone, Ms. Sheree Tamura, Mr. Jon Itomura, Mr. Jon Tsukamoto. Not pictured: Ms. Crystine Ito, Mr. Ken Hayashida, Mr. Richard Kiyabu, Mr. Myles Shibata

(L-R) Mr. Jon Tsukamoto, Ms. Kristine Wada, Mr. Jacce Mikulanec, Mr. Kristian Lipumano, Ms. Reyna Kaneko

(L-R) Ms. Courtney Takara points out the importance of providing opportunities for the younger generation to travel to Japan to make the connection to their heritage. Mr. Jacce Miculanec speaks to collaboration as opposed to duplication.

(L-R) Dr. Sharon Fukayama, Crown Prince Akihito Foundation Scholar (JASH is the Administrator for this Scholarship Foundation) and current educator, discusses the establishment of a Japanese language based curriculum at Hahaione Elementary School where she teaches. Ms. Christine Kubota, JASH Member, former JCCH Board Chair, among many other leadership roles in the community, speaks to the need of grass-root efforts to educate various ethnic communities about their heritage.

(L-R) Mr. Ken Hayashida, Mr. Colbert Matsumoto, Ms. Christine Kubota, Mr. Myles Shibata and Mr. Norman Nakasone

(L-R) Ms. Jean Rolles, Ms. Roberta Sullivan , Ms. Sara Sawada, Mr. Jon Itomura, Ms. Courtney Takara, Ms. Kazuko Tonoike

(L-R) Mr. John Rankin, Ms. Kristine Wada, Ms. Reyna Kaneko, Mr. Toby Tamaye, Mr. Matthew Chang, Mr. Tyler Hiranaka, Mr. Kristian Lipumano, Mr. David Hayashida

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