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JASH NexGen Movers & Shakers Let’s Talk Story with Colbert Matsumoto

On October 15, 2019 the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) hosted the first of a three part talk story series with some of our local community leaders. The first program featured Mr. Colbert Matsumoto, Chairman and President of Island Holdings, Inc. at the Island Holdings, Inc. board room located in downtown Honolulu.

The goal of the “Movers and Shakers Let’s Talk Story” series is to allow for deeper discussions about topics such as what leadership means, facing challenges and creatively addressing issues of the day and what leaders would like to see from the next generation, among other topics. This EXCLUSIVE event was purposely kept to a small group of 10-12 JASH NexGeners and their guests to encourage the opportunity for an intimate and casual “talk story” with established community leaders.

Mr. Matsumoto spoke about his life growing up on Lanai when it was a pineapple plantation and how he grew up to become an attorney, insurance company executive and business and community leader in Hawaii. Like many successful people, he had some misgivings and missteps along the way. But he spoke to the group about how those challenges shaped who he is today. The group continued their conversation while enjoying food and drinks generously sponsored by the Island Insurance Foundation.

Top L: Ryan Tanaka, David Akinaka, Tyler Hiranaka, Howard Soon

Top R: Peter Dames, Delle Tanioka, Kristian Lupimano, Sandra Fujiyama, John Rankin, Colbert Matsumoto

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