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TASTE OF JASH presents Hokkaido

(L) Pork Tenderloin entrée; (Center) Mr. Taiji Nakanishi, President of Dokyu USA Inc. and Mr. Takeshi Nishikawa, Interpreter speaking to the guests; (R) Mr. Yuta Kobiyama, General Manager and Mr. Takeshi Nishikawa.

On November 19th, JASH members filled Tonkatsu Tamafuji Restaurant for a special dinner EXCLUSIVE to our members and their guests. Delicious variations of tonkatsu, deep fried dishes, and unlimited servings of special Hokkaido rice and condiments were served at the final Taste of JASH for 2019 featuring Hokkaido cuisine. Mr. Taiji Nakanishi, President of Dokyu USA Inc. which is the parent company of Tonkatsu Tamafuji was here from Hokkaido and attended the event. JASH members and their guests enjoyed Mr. Nakanishi’s and staff’s warm hospitality and customer service. Stay tuned for more details on what’s coming up for Taste of JASH 2020!!

(L) Mr. Kristian Lipumano, JETAA President and current NexGen Advisory Committee member greeted the guests as Co-MC for the evening and spoke about his experience as a JET teacher in Hokkaido. (L-R) Mr. Kazuya Murakami, Mr. Francis Arakaki, Mr. Masaharu Matsuoka, Mr. Isao Sugiura

(L) Due to the popularity of this event, Tonkatsu Tamafuji accommodated two seatings for this special exclusive evening for our JASH members.; (R) (L-R) Mr. Kevin Koitabashi, Mr. Tatsuo Watanabe, Mr. James Suzuki, Mr. Yuta Takeda, Ms. Shinobu Fukakusa

(L) (L-R) Ms. Yoshiko Matsuoka, Mr. Earl Okawa,Ms. Toyoko Okawa, Ms. Yuka Oyama; (R) (L-R) Ms. Michelle Hirose, Ms. Kimberly Matsui, Mr. Ryan Trujillo, Mr. Tausef Islam

A warm MAHALO to Mr. Nakanishi and Mr. Kobiyama and their wonderful staff for a truly special evening

(L-R) Mr. Taiji Nakanishi, Mr. Takeshi Nishikawa, Ms. Lila Frisbie, Mr. Yuta Kobiyama

Thank you to our sponsor Kintetsu International Hawaii Company!

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