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2020 Selection of Junior Ambassadors

The Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) is pleased to announce the selection of four Junior Ambassadors (JAs) to represent JASH and Hawaii at the 32 nd Annual Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan in summer 2020. The APCC is a cultural exchange program that deepens participant’s appreciation for the cultures of other nations and regions, and promotes mutual understanding and friendship, nurtures international awareness in young people, and works towards world peace and co-existence. It is hoped that the JAs will build an international network of friends. For the next several months, the four Junior Ambassadors -- two boys and two girls, all age eleven at the time of travel -- will participate in a JASH-designed training program for their Japan experience this July. In Fukuoka, the students will meet over 200 fellow Junior Ambassadors from 40 countries and cities in the Asia-Pacific region in a global youth camp. This will be followed by a homestay where they will live with a Japanese host family. It is our hope that our Ambassadors will mature into adults with a strong sense of social responsibility. The 2020 Junior Ambassadors are: 1. Jacqueline Furuta, attends 'Iolani School 2. Loch Moorman, attends Kainalu Elementary School 3. Rain Young, attends Kapalama Elementary School 4. Rhegen Villarimo, attends Aina Haina Elementary School They will be accompanied by chaperone Sandy Takeda, who has been actively involved with the APCC since her children also participated in the program as JAs. The USA-Hawaii Delegation also has the honor of sending an APCC alumnus to join the delegation as a Peace Ambassador. Selected through a rigorous application process conducted by the APCC’s BRIDGE Club International Organization, our 2020 Peace Ambassador is 2015 APCC Junior Ambassador Tierra Nakamura from 'Iolani School. If you wish to know more about the APCC program, please visit the JASH website at , or contact Takako Miyazawa, JASH Education Program Director, at (808) 524-4450 or via .

We thank you for your continued support of JASH.

Pictured: 2020 APCC Junior Ambassadors and Chaperone. From left to right: JAs Rhegen Villarimo, Jacqueline Furuta, Loch Moorman, Rain Young, and chaperone Sandy Takeda.

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