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Japan Currents: Sister State & Sister City Relationships

March 9, 2020

Thank you to all those who attended the Japan-America Society of Hawaii’s Japan Currents Program: Sister State and Sister City Relationships: Exploring Current Possibilities for Collaboration, on March 9, 2020 at the Halekulani Hotel. We were honored to feature two prominent speakers: Mr. Shin Koyamada and Mr. Paul Yonamine. This program was made possible by the generous support of the Embassy of Japan in Washington D.C. and the National Association of Japan America Societies (NAJAS).

L-R: Mr. Shin Koyamada, Consul General Koichi Ito, Governor David Ige, Mrs. Misako Ito, Governor George Ariyoshi, Mrs. Jean Ariyoshi, Mr. Paul Yonamine, Ms. Reyna Kaneko, Ms. Lynda Yonamine, Mayor Kirk Caldwell, Mr. Peter Kelley, Mr. Steve Sombrero (Photos by Tony Grillo)

(Left) Mr. Shin Koyamada is Co-Founder and Chairman of theKoyamada International Foundation and National BoardDirector of Sister Cities International. He is also an actor and became best known to global audiences after his co-starring debut role in the Warner Bros. blockbuster film “The Last Samurai” in 2004.

(Right) Mr. Paul Yonamine is Chairman and CEO of Central PacificFinancial Corp. and Executive Chairman of Central Pacific Bank. Mr. Yonamine served in a leadership capacity atseveral global organizations in California, Hawai`i and Japan before returning to Hawai`i.

(Left) Governor David Ige speaks about the arrival of theGannenmono and how the Japanese continue to thrive in business, education, community organizations, andgovernment here in Hawaii.

(Right) Mayor Kirk Caldwell speaks about the importance ofhaving fewer strong and “active” sister relationships as opposed to many non-active relationships.

(Left) Consul General Koichi Ito speaks about Hawaii being a key sister state/city to Japan.

(Right) Mr. Peter Kelley, President of the National Association of Japan America Societies (NAJAS) speaks about the many programs that JASH offers on topics such as business, politics, military and more, all made possible through the generous support of the Embassy of Japan and NAJAS.

The Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH) was honored to host the Japan Currents Program. This topic of sister relationships was of extreme significance to JASH as we build the groundwork leading up to the JASH Sister Summit: A Hawaii-Japan Project, scheduled for May 14, 2021. Some of the objectives of the 2021 summit are:

· Understanding of opportunities created by sister relationships.

· Strengthen commitment.

· Provide networking and brainstorming opportunities.

Mr. Koyamada provided his involvement in sister relationships both nationally and internationally. Mr. Paul Yonamine provided his insights on focus points for successful sister relationships.

Bottom R: Ms. Barbara Tanabe, JASH Board Director and Owner of Hoakea Communications, serves as Moderator for the program.

(Left) L-R: Ms. Kim Haruki, Mr. Gregg Yamanaka, Mrs. Lynda Yonamine, Mr. Paul Yonamine, Ms. Ashley Yonamine,Mr. Mufi Hanneman, Mr. Alex Jampel

(Right) L-R: Consul General Koichi Ito, Mr. Shin Koyamada,Ms. Reyna Kaneko, Governor George Ariyoshi,Mrs. Jean Ariyoshi, Ms. Julie Arigo

(Left) L-R: Mr. Toby Tamaye, Ms. Lila Frisbie, Ms. Michelle Hirose, Mr. Shin Koyamada, Ms. Ashley Yonamine, Mr. John Rankin, Ms. Reyna Kaneko, Mr. Cory Mitsui

(RIght) L-R: Mr. Jerry Tsuda, Mr. Glenn Okuno, Mr. Dan Dinell

Thank you to our sponsors!

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