Music featuring Anju Madoka! Rich Kiyabu! And Ohana Arts!

Dear Members and Friends of JASH, Welcome to our JASH Weekly Update! We hope this email finds you and your family safe and in good health. Music is a Cultural Bridge. The language of music is universal. Collaborative musical projects can bridge political, ethnic, and religious divides. In today’s update we’d like to feature two individuals and an organization who embody “being the bridge” through music. The first video features JASH supporter Ms. Anju Madoka. Anju, who is currently in Japan, shares her rendition of Hawai`i Aloha. Many of you have had the pleasure of seeing her perform during her stay in Hawaii. She sends a special message to all us. “Thank you for watching my video! To everyone in the world. Please stay safe and stay strong. I’m looking forward to meeting YOU somewhere in this world. みなさんに会える日を楽しみにしています! Instagram https://...”