Weekly Update 7/23

Dear Members and Friends of JASH: You don’t want to miss two upcoming programs happening next week Tuesday, July 28 and Thursday, July 30. Please see details below and REGISTER TODAY!

Join us as we share the stories of two extraordinary women who are successfully leading their companies through the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how they are managing to persevere and rise above challenges that many of us are all facing today. Isabella Ellaheh “Bella” Hughes is the President and Co-Founder of Shaka Tea, a line of Hawaiʻi-grown, tropical-botanical, herbal teas that support sustainable agriculture. Shaka Tea uses māmaki, an ancient superleaf only found in the Hawaiian Islands, and the drinks are now available across the US and have also recently launched in Japan. Shaka Tea recently won “Best Beverage 2020” and a Gold Superior Award by American Masters of Taste and the InnoBev 2020 “Best Low/No Sugar Drink” award presented by Zenith Global. Through the arts, agriculture and entrepreneurship, she is firmly committed to championing abundance for her community and fostering connections between Hawaiʻi and Japan. Amanda Corby-Noguchi is Founder and Creative Director of Under My Umbrella (UMU) which has served as an event planning, communications and consulting firm in Hawaii for over a decade. UMU provides counsel on corporate culture in Hawaii and Asia for numerous clients and has recently opened an office in Japan. In 2013, Amanda founded Pili Group LLC, her most ambitious project to date, with life and business partner Chef Mark Noguchi. Pili Group is dedicated to creating a world of food with integrity. Pili Group’s newest project, Chef Hui, is helping to connect the culinary world with their community and has been on the front lines of feeding people and connecting them with resources during the COVID pandemic.

Join us for the fourth virtual talk-story session with linguist David Iannucci, as he introduces the small island of Hachijōjima and the severely endangered Hachijō language that is spoken there. He will explain the history and current vitality of the Hachijō language, how it differs from Standard Japanese, and provide anecdotes of his experiences on the island. Dr. Iannucci received his PhD in Linguistics from the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa in 2019. He briefly visited Hachijōjima twice for linguistic fieldwork, consulting community members and collecting information for his dissertation, “The Hachijō Language of Japan: Phonology and Historical Development.” As a linguist, his primary focus is on the grammar and history of Japanese and of the Japonic language family. When not geeking out over language, he works as the lead software developer at the UH Economic Research Organization.

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