JASH Weekly Update 10/7: Photo Contest Final Voting Starts Friday!

JASH Photography Contest FINAL VOTING: October 8-17

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Dear Members and Friends of JASH, On Friday, October 8, we open FINAL VOTING for our Photo Contest! Thank you for all of your active participation over this past month! Thanks to all of your votes, we’ve now determined our top 10 photos in each category. Our first and second-place winners will be determined during this new Final Voting Round, held from October 8-17. Final voting is again open to EVERYONE, so tell your friends and family to vote for their favorite shots! You may vote once per email address per day during this round, meaning you can vote for your top photo once per day!

Contest Categories Oishii Tabemono Ono Kine Grindz Japan Explorations Prizes First Place per Category: $100 Visa or Mastercard Cash Card Second Place per Category: $50 Visa or Mastercard Cash Card


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