JASH Weekly Update: Golden Week 2022

Dear Members and Friends of JASH,

Japan's GOLDEN WEEK kicks off today (April 29 Japan Time) with Showa Day! Golden Week is a major time for travel and leisure thanks to a slew of consecutive holidays, including Showa Day, Constitution Memorial Day (Kenpo Kinenbi), Greenery Day (Midori no Hi), and Children's Day (Kodomo no Hi).

Here in Hawaii, tourism leaders are expecting a boost in Japanese visitors to our islands, and last week were already observing an increase in their arrivals (read more at KITV4).

We are excited to welcome back our friends and family from Japan, and are eager for when we can safely resume tourism in both directions.


THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their testimonials in our recent "Why do YOU support JASH?" campaign!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of our two lucky drawings: Colby Takeda and Carol Ikeda Hong.

Although our lucky drawing campaign has come to a close, we still love and appreciate receiving feedback from our comm