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JASH Weekly Update: Introducing JASH Chair Mr. Alex Jampel

Dear Members and Friends of JASH,

I am honored to have been selected as the chair of the Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH), but also feel the huge responsibility to continue the great work JASH has been doing for over 45 years. Since 1976, JASH has acted as a bridge to promote understanding and friendship between the people of Japan and the United States through the special and unique perspective of Hawaii.

I feel a strong personal bond with JASH having been a member for over 25 years, during which I met and worked with many wonderful people through JASH programs and events. JASH has been a perfect fit for me as I have also been a bridge between Japan and the U.S. throughout my entire life: Born with Japanese and American DNA from my parents, raised in Japan in a bilingual and bicultural environment until going to university in the U.S., and then moving back and forth between the U.S. and Japan as a lawyer representing U.S. and Japanese clients on projects in the U.S., Japan, and elsewhere.

What I believe to be most unique and special about JASH is the breadth of its programs and events, which reach all segments of our community including professionals, government, and military, with a particular emphasis on students—our future—from elementary through college students. I am hoping that this will be the year we can resume in-person programs and events that were postponed or cancelled during the past two years, and look forward to working with all of you to build on the legacy of JASH.


Alexander Jampel

Chair, Japan-America Society of Hawaii

Attorney at Law, Jampel Law Firm LLLC

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