Taste of JASH: Nomu Edition with Hawaiian Shochu Company

On November 18, 2021, JASH hosted our second Taste of JASH: Nomu Edition virtual pau hana featuring Hawaiian Shochu Company. Hawaiian Shochu Company Founder and Owner Ken Hirata and his wife Yumiko produce small-batch Honkaku Shochu in Haleʻiwa using locally-sourced sweet potatoes (imo) through traditional, old-style techniques. This program was moderated by John Rankin, JASH Board Director and founding member of the JASH NexGen Committee.

HSC owner Ken Hirata shows program moderator John Rankin his Nami Hana Shochu

Live from his distillery, Ken shared his journey with us, starting from his friendship with students from Hawaii during his university study abroad in Oregon, to his career change when he convinced Mr. Toshihiro Manzen of Manzen Shuzo Co. to take him as an apprentice in Kagoshima. Through his hard work and passion for shochu, Ken would open Hawaiian Shochu Company in Haleiwa and is currently in the process of producing Nami Hana #18 with as many local ingredients as he is able to source. Attendees were also treated to a tour of the Nami Hana distillation process filmed specially for JASH, which you may view HERE.

Usually, the only way to get Hawaiian Shochu Company’s small batch products is to visit them in the North Shore. However, for this virtual pau hana, attendees had the opportunity to order their products for pick up at the JASH Office. The JASH pau hana timed perfectly with the release of Hawaiian Shochu Company’s brand new product Haleiwa Rainbow, Hawaii’s very first locally distilled gin.

If you missed the program, you may watch the recording on our JASH YouTube by clicking HERE. To learn more about Hawaiian Shochu Company and keep up-to-date with their latest batches, visit their Facebook Page HERE.

Join us for our next virtual pau hana featuring Manoa Honey & Mead on Thursday, January 13, 2022! Registration opens soon. For more information, visit jashawaii.org/toj-nomu.

JASH volunteer Micah Mizukami films Ken in his koji room

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