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Weekly Update 12/17

Dear Members and Friends of JASH,

Seihan Mori, the head priest at Kiyomizu Buddhist temple in Kyoto, draws the character 密 on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020.

Photo credit: KYODO

Since 1995, the Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation holds an annual year-end event selecting a kanji that best represents the events of that year. The 2020 kanji of the year was announced earlier this week, winning with 28,401 of 208,025 (13.65%) of votes from the Foundation’s nationwide survey.

The winning kanji mitsu, on its own meaning “close” or “dense,” was used repeatedly throughout 2020 in calls to avoid crowded settings and contain the spread of COVID-19. A related phrase 3 密 san mitsu “3C’s” (confined spaces (密閉), crowds (密集), and close-contact settings (密接)) was also selected earlier in December as Japan’s buzzword of the year.

According to the Foundation, 密 mitsu best encapsulates the social mood in Japan through 2020, and in explaining their selection they noted that, “Many people had to always keep in mind mitsu in carrying on with our everyday lives.”

What word or kanji best describes your 2020?


Upcoming Program

Virtual Fundraiser Aloha for Hawaii Charities Nov. 16, 2020 – Jan. 20, 2021

This holiday season, support JASH by making a tax-deductible contribution through the Aloha for Hawaii Charities campaign by Friends of Hawaii Charities from the 2021 Sony Open in Hawaii. JASH will receive 100% of your donation plus a BONUS from FHC! For details and to donate, click here.


Now accepting applications! 33rd Annual Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention Sponsored in part by JASH Deadline: January 4, 2021

Applications are now available for the 33rd Annual Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka, Japan! JASH is honored to again serve as the Liaison Office for the Hawaii Delegation. The APCC is an annual global leadership program held in Fukuoka, Japan for over 200 students from over 50 regions throughout Asia and the Pacific. The APCC has graciously offered for our 2020 Junior Ambassadors (JAs) to transition into our 2021 delegation, as their APCC experience was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic. ​ As a result, this year, JASH is only selecting an additional 1 student (1 girl) born between August 1, 2009 and July 31, 2010 (10-11 years old) to complete our 2021 delegation. We do not have available positions for additional boy JAs this year. For details and to apply, click here.


Shared Events

Hosted by Nisei Veterans Memorial Center

Virtual Program An Afternoon with the Author: Pamela Rotner Sakamoto Saturday, December 19, 2020 1:30pm HST Free

Chosen because of their ties to the Japanese-American experience, the authors and works presented in NVMC’s “An Afternoon with the Author” series connects individuals with larger truths and ideas about society.

Author Pamela Sakamoto will share her journey writing her novel "Midnight in Broad Daylight." Midnight in Broad Daylight is a narrative nonfiction story of a Japanese American family divided by war, with brothers in opposing armies, and the tragedy of the atomic bomb. It has been translated into Japanese, as well as Chinese for both Taiwanese and mainland China readers.

For details and to register, click here.


Hosted by Table for Two USA

Virtual Program Winter Holiday Onigiri Event Saturday, December 19, 2020 2:00pm HST Free

Virtual event to create decorative and delicious onigiri ornaments: Jolly Reindeer, Cheerful Gift Boxes, Festive Trees, and more! Click the link below to register. You will receive a confirmation email with the ingredient list and what to prepare. TIP: don’t forgot to prepare the rice ahead of time! For details and to register, click here.

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